Reading Topics

Surface of the Earth

Early Models of the Solar System

Earth Inside and Out

Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift

Latitude and Longitude Practice

Climate and Weather

Introduction to European Geography

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Industrial Revolution

World War 1

Soviet Union

Introduction to United States Geography

Earliest Humans of the Western Hemisphere

Europeans Cross the Atlantic to North America

The Voyages of Columbus

Introduction to Latin America and Historiography

Hernan Cortes and Conquering of the Aztecs

The Encomienda System

Simon Bolivar El Libertador

Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and the Cuban Revolution

American Revolution

American Civil War

World War 2

Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea, and the Corps of Discovery

The Korean War

The Vietnam War

American Civil Rights Struggle

East and South Asia Map

Early East Asia

Zheng He: The Chinese World Explorer

Ming Dynasty

Qing Dynasty

Republic of China

Communist China


Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient Political Philosophers

Introduction to Enlightenment Political Philosophers

William Blackstone

John Locke

Charles-Louis Montesquieu

United States Declaration of Independence [External Link]

Federalist Papers

An Introduction to the United States Constitution

United States Constitution Bill of Rights

Example Landmark Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court and Civil Rights

Synonyms for Political Parties in the United States

Modern Political Parties in the United States

Article I: Establishment of the Legislative Branch

Article II: Establishment of the Executive Branch

Article III: Establishment of the Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court and Civil Rights in the United States

Federal Legislative Action in the United States 2001 - Present

Examples of Executive Agencies: The CIA, NSA, and FBI

List of Presidential Executive Orders [External Link]

Taxes in the United States 

Social Classes in the United States and Taxes 

Military Spending in the United States 

Environmental Protection and Economic Growth

Introduction to Economics

Factors of Production

Opportunity Cost and Thinking at the Margin

Production Possibilities Curves

The Three Economics Questions

Types of Economies

Free Enterprise

Macro and Micro Economics

The Public Sector

The Safety Net

Introduction to Demand

The Demand Curve

Shifts of the Demand Curve

Calculating Percentage Change

Demand Elasticity

Demand Elasticity Additional Support

Introduction to Supply

The Supply Curve

Supply Elasticity

Costs of Production and Marginal Returns

Supply Changes

Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium

Changes in Market Equilibrium

The Role of Prices



Regulation Versus Deregulation 

Sole Proprietorships



Franchises, Co-ops, and Nonprofits


Organized Labor, Unions, and Collective Bargaining

The Purposes for Money